+ Tuesday October 15th, 2019

A few weeks ago a leak suggested that Google were working on a lightweight file manager. After this leak Google released the app to the Play Store in beta form and now, not long after, have removed the beta tag unleashing it in stable form to the world.

Files Go is designed from the ground app to take “a mobile-first approach to freeing up space, finding files faster and easily sharing them with others” — just what you want from a file manager on your phone.

Files Go gives the user suggestions about which files to delete — based on their frequency of use, size, if there are duplicate files, low resolution videos or memes. These are detected using Google’s “mobile vision technology” and also uses its smart filters to automatically organise your files including images, videos, apps and documents.

Files can also be easily backed up to the cloud or even shared offline directly to a friend’s phone which is nearby without the use of that precious mobile data. These file transfers are encrypted and can transfer at up to 125 Mbps.

Google have stated that the average user is saving 1GB of space and is making use of the file sharing between phones without using any data. It is available now from the Play Store for all phones running Android 5.0 and above.

Google’s apps are usually well built, slim and a great experience so it may well be worth giving it a shot even if you already have your own favourite file manager.

Source: Google.

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