Google is removing access to one of the most lauded services they offer in January with the removal of the Photos tab within Google Drive.

Google first brought the Photos tab to Google Drive back in March 2015, making it easier to insert your photos or videos into Google Sheets, Slides and Docs, but starting in ‘early January 2018’, Google has announced they will remove the Google Photos tab within Drive.

While it seems catastrophic for some people, Google has said there’s a way to fix this by creating a Google Photos folder in My Drive. It’s pretty easy to do, just go to, tap the gear (settings) icon in the top right, go to settings and tick the ‘Create a Google Photos Folder’ box and click Done.

Google will start removing the Photos tab from next month, so you may want to pre-empt the move by doing this now.

Source: GSuite Blog.
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    You can also turn the option on in the settings in the Google Drive Android app

    Philip Clark

    This is already enabled in my Google Drive, and I think I had to enable this a while back to have access to google photos on my pc via drive sync. So for anyone who did this there will be little to no impact.


    Will this new Google Photos Folder count towards my data allowance?


    photo space is its own space if you’re using the High quality (default Unlimited free storage) setting on Google Photos

    the Photos Folder in Google Drive is kinda like seeing another view of your content

    more info here