Android 8.0 is starting to roll out to Android Wear devices from today

Android Wear is getting a platform update today, with Android Oreo beginning to roll out to devices according to Android Wear Developer Advocate Hoi Lam who announced the update on Google+.

While it’s not ostensibly a feature update, but more a behind the scenes update. That said, there are a few new features to be found in the update which includes:

There’s no list of devices in line to receive the update, instead Hoi Lam said ‘Timing is determined by each watch’s manufacturer’. At this stage, at least two users on the /r/AndroidWear subreddit has seen the update on their LG Watch Sport – a watch that LG never brought to Australia.

It’s probably going to be a slow rollout, so hold tight and let us know if you see the update on your wrist soon.