There’s always something techie you can get the Android fan in your life, but if they’re a real Android fan then you probably need to go the extra mile to help them wear their Android love on their sleeve – sometimes literally. We’ve tracked down a few of the neat Android Merchandise items out there for this year and here we go:

4″ Andy Vinyl

The Chibi inspired Andy from Android Foundry is one of the neatest additions to the Android collectible range this year. Available from the DeadZebra online store, Andy comes with his own smartphone and a sheet of emoji stickers for you to add. He’s tall too, sitting a full inch higher than his other PVC Android Mini figure brothers and sisters.

Priced at $12USD ($15.78AUD) and with an additional $23USD ($30.24AUD) for USPS First Class Mail shipping or $46.75USD ($61.47AUD)for USPS Priority Mail – Andy isn’t exactly cheap to get here, but he is rather neat.

Stickers, t-shirts and more

Stocking Stuffers can be cheap, almost throwaway items and fitting the bill nicely is a bunch of Android created merchandise from custom online on-demand printing service RedBubble.

All the work has been done for you with these products. They’re created by fans and sold through their own marketplaces, allowing the creator to make a couple of cents per item and you get a neat Android item. There’s stickers, mugs, t-shirts, phone cases and the best part is if you don’t like what you see you can create your own unique item.

Prices for the products are variable, so do some checking around (you can even try different services, we have no preference). If you do want to check it out head over to the RedBubble store now.

Wooden Android figure

Most of us have gotten one of the Android Mini figures from Dead Zebra, but how about a wooden one? There’s not much in the description over on AliExpress, but the pictures show he has articulated arms at least to help you pose him.

You’ll be paying $39.83AUD for the Wooden Android, but when it comes to shipping you may want to shell out a little extra above the Free Shipping option it comes with. You can choose to pay another $23.35 to get it in the next 11-19 days or pay $37.47 to get it in the next 8-16 days.

Official Android Merchandise

If you’re unaware that it exists, then you should really check out the Google Merchandise online store. It’s basically an online version of their retail store at the Mountain View Campus, but most people will never make the trek to the GooglePlex so this is the next best thing.

The Google Merchandise store stocks a bunch of Google related brands including Google (of course), as well as Android, YouTube and Waze branded merchandise. You can get t-shirts, hoodies, bags, caps, bottles and of course Android figures from here and it’s worth checking out their entire range.

In Australia we’re serviced by the UK as the distributor so pricing is listed in GBP, and shipping is definitely not cheap. Best get your order in ASAP so your gift can make the trek from the UK to Australia in time for Christmas.

Android Soap!

Oh, this is totally happening: make your own Android Bugdroid shaped soaps.

This mold for Soap is available over on Etsy and once you have it you can create your own Bugdroid shaped soaps! Not much info except the mold is made from silicone which should be fine when pouring in molten soap. You’ll probably have to have some trial and error adding in colouring to get your desired Android green, but that’s a fun project for over the Christmas break.

Pricing wise you’re looking at $44.90 for the mold itself and $24.49 for the shipping to Australia.

So, that’s our picks for neat Android merch this year. Unless you want to send your gift recipient to the Google Retail Store at Mountain View in California there’s a few things to get them up and going.