Update:As we’ve just found out, instead of just applying the discount to a ‘Chalk’ coloured Google Home Mini as outlined in the T&Cs you can actually apply this to any of the colours available including the exclusive to the Google Store Coral coloured Google Home Mini:

If you were an early buyer of one of Google’s new Pixel 2 devices, then you may well have been enticed by the offer of a free Google Home Mini via redemption.  If you’re one of those customers that’s eligible, those vouchers are coming around now so that you can order a Google Home Mini in time for Christmas.

Ausdroid reader Allan Thomas spotted this today, and so if you purchased a Pixel 2 through Google’s Play Store, now is your time to keep an eye out and wait for your redemption offer to show up in your inbox.

It’s a bit late to get on this promotion now, but if you’re wanting a Pixel 2, or a Google Home Mini, you can still buy them from the Google Store, a Telstra store or most JB HiFi stores as well.

Thanks: Allan Thomas.
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Chris Leathley

So has everybody got their coupon codes now or are there still people waiting ?

John Jolayemi

Still waiting on mine. Ordered on the 9th of November and got the phone a week ago.

Wayne Moore

Got mine today too.


Yes, I got mine as well this afternoon.