The expected revamp of the design of the Sony Xperia lineup to include bezel-less displays is quite exciting for Sony mobile fans, now the phones have leaked in new in the wild shots.

Showing off two very different designs, the new shots show a design with a metal body, and a design with a glass rear. The metal bodied Xperia has a very clear fingerprint sensor on the rear and has a rounded corner design, which is quite strikingly different to the usual Sony Xperia design. The glass bodied Xperia is much more familiar to Sony fans, and while the fingerprint sensor doesn’t show up on the rear (or front), it’s likely built into the power button on the side as is the usual case – though GizChina, who leaked the pictures, says it will be under the glass.

Both phones have dual-camera setups on the rear, however the dual-camera setups are very much different. One is split by the flash module, while the other is in a more familiar side-by-side configuration. The distance between the two sensors on the glass backed model also sports a lovely radial design flourish at the top, and the reasoning behind the distance between the sensors could be explained by the need to capture depth information, possibly to enhance their 3D Creator app which was launched this year.

According to previous leaks and rumour, Sony is expected to include either the Snapdragon 835, or the recently announced Snapdragon 845 SoC, as well as either 4GB or 6GB of RAM inside, while that display should be 5.7″ in size with 4K resolution. Sony should be delivering these with Android 8.0 with the usual light Sony touches on the software, and you’ll be able to plug it in using USB-C.

Any love for the new Sony Xperia design?

Source: GizChina.
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Palo Verde

Copy cat as usual

John Bousattout

That metal body look <3