Kogan Mobile has seen the writing on the wall with some of the big name carriers increasing data caps, so to keep ahead of the game they’ve upped the data caps on some of their plans.

Kogan has been steadily increasing their data caps throughout the year, in September they saw one of their biggest data increases across four of their plans so far. Today, the update includes more data on the Small, Large and Extra Large plans (sorry Medium). The plans will still cost the same, you just get more bang for your buck. From today, the Small plan increases to 2GB of data per month from 1.5GB, the Large plan increases to 16GB from the previous 11GB cap, and finally the Extra Large plan jumps from 16GB to 23GB.

Kogan Mobile runs on the Vodafone Network, so if you’re interested in jumping on-board with their deals you should also be looking at their coverage map. You can see the new range of plans and more over on the Kogan Mobile website.

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    No presents for medium :’-( . Still, I only used half the cap last month as it is so all good for now. To anyone considering it just do it as it is great value as long as you are prepared to stick with them for a full year and chose your plan right (you can’t change the size once purchased). One other thing if you have a dual sim phone like I do you can keep your old plan and dip your toe in too and a very reasonable price.

    Jack Bauer

    I signed up with Kogan a year ago, back then the small plan was 1GB of data per 30 days, it was then increased to 1.5GB about 6 months ago and now 2GB.

    Absolutely great mobile deals, I can’t recommend it enough!