+ Sunday February 24th, 2019

Ticket to Earth, a tactical puzzle RPG from Robot Circus, an Australian developer based in Melbourne has launched on Android today after a successful run on iOS.

The tactical puzzle RPG mechanic for Ticket to Earth is a grid-based playing board which ‘combines turn-based battlefield tactics, and RPG party management into a unique and addictive tile-matching puzzle mechanics’. The object seems simple, draw a line through the differently coloured tiles to build up an attack, the longer the line, the more powerful your attack.

The game is based on a character named Rose who must fight a corrupt government and bloodthirsty marauders to earn a ticket onto the last Earth-bound ship.

The game is a single payment price of $5.49, which is a sale price for the introduction of the game. It’s normally $7.99, but you won’t find any in-app purchases here, it’s one price and you’re in the battle.

It’s a pretty decent looking game and mildly addictive so be thankful they haven’t put any IAP inside ;). If you want to check it out you can grab it from Google Play today.

Ticket to Earth
Ticket to Earth
Developer: Robot Circus
Price: $4.99
Source: Google Play.

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