Announced at their developer conference, Google I/O, back in May, Google Lens was positioned as an AI powered smart lens that would make sense of the world around you. Launched with the Pixel 2 phones, and rolled out to more Google phones since then, it hasn’t really set the world aflame with its utility. Google Lead engineer for Lens, Rajan Patel has shared some upcoming features.

The upcoming feature list was shared in response to a query from Artem of Android Police who queried what some of the upcoming features of lens would be that would make it useful. Mr Patel said:

The mention of AR ‘Experiences’ is possibly the most interesting tease here, with most of the features teased shown off in the launch of Google Lens at Google I/O. What the experiences will be is of interest, especially given the launch of AR stickers yesterday. We could possibly see more along these lines down the track.

Source: @RajanPatel.
Via: Android Police.