Yesterday we were alerted to a life hack by a reader (thanks Chris) that allowed him to get a Pixel 2 64GB, a Google Home Mini, A Samsung Galaxy Tab A, a Sprout Google Pixel 2 case, a Sprout Pixel 2 glass screen protector, a whopping 21GB of data on Australia’s largest network and unlimited calls and texts: all for just $74 a month over 24 months.

Seems amazing and it took us a while to figure this out but after reading about it, I want in too. Chris got his from Telstra but it seems that you can possibly do even better at JB Hi-Fi. It seems that Telstra and now offering their Family and friends deal to everyone. Previously it was only available to family and friends of Telstra employees but not any more.

The family and friends offer gives you a choice of phone, but really the only choice in there is the Pixel 2 64GB in black, white or blue along with the usual free Google Home Mini that comes free with any Pixel 2 purchase. The offer gives you 15GB of data for just $59 a month.

There are quite a few reports now of this being offered to all people entering Telstra stores but it seems that JB Hi-Fi are upping the ante on that, throwing in a $100 JB Hi-Fi voucher to go along with it.

As always there are always people who then try and hack that: folks at OzBargain have figured out how to get a bonus $200 JB Hi-Fi gift card on top of that!

  • Go into JB Hi-Fi and ask for the $49 plan with $200 gift card – 20GB plan.
  • After signing up to said plan and once their computer says “complete” (which can take between 1 minute and 24 hours) you can ask to recontract to the $59 Friends and Family offer. This apparently voids the $49 contract and gives you 15GB, not 20GB.
  • This is where you get the free Google Pixel 2 along with the Google Home Mini and the JB Hi-Fi gift card (some have gotten both the $100 and the $200 gift cards — the exact deal you get depends on whether you are a new customer or not).

Of course this does not explain Chris’ windfall above. He was going to jump onto the $79 Family and Friends offer which gave him 20GB (Chris loves his music streaming) but the Telstra employess realised that Chris could get a Samsung Galaxy Tab A along with 6GB of data for an extra $15 a month, along with the ability to share his data between the two devices. Signed up on the spot he did.

At the moment we are seeing carriers go back and forwards with different deals, all trying to do better than the last one. We have not seen Telstra play this game much but it is great to see them having a go finally. As always, whenever you are thinking Telstra, think JB Hi-Fi as they often add an extra incentive into the mix to get you to sign up through them.

The JB Hi-Fi offer lasts until December 24 so you can have a think about it for a bit if that is your way. Let us know if you have managed to perform either of these scenarios successfully.

Source: OzBargain.
Thanks: Chris.
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Only just found out about this deal, dammit. Any idea when the same deal will be offered next? P.S. not fussed about the google mini, I just want the pixel 2 and the sweet data cap for $59/month. Currently its $79/m through Telstra online.

Tom Barbera

My friend and I just did this at JB HiFi! Instore stock is low, but you can order for delivery (next day in Melbourne).
I got a Pixel 2 (Kinda Blue), Google Home Mini, and $100 JB Gift Card for $59 a month (recontracting from Telstra), including 15GB data. I then added a Galaxy Tab A 2017 LTE for $15 a month, which took my data to 26GB (1GB comes with the Galaxy Tab A +5GB bonus for each device when multiple devices on a data share plan). Amazing.


Did you order for delivery online or over the phone?


Just FYI, If the deal was with sprout accessories, this was part of an ARO deal where the customer is paying $15 extra per month ($59 Plan+$15 Aro) on top of their plan. This is a deal that any one can do @ any Telstra shop. This is not a special offer, this is a way to increase profit for the sale person at the shop. Still a good deal, but nothing special about it unfortunately.

Joshua Hill

Having read the article in its entirety I think you’ll find the extra $15 a month over the $59 phone plan is for the Samsung tablet with 6gb of data a month. The accessories were probably bought outright with the $100 JB hi-fi gift card.

Square Eyed

Can someone tell me if this is a buy or rent on the phone?


you keep the phone.


The 49>59 loophole is going to close quick, when these things get a lot of attention they usually get shut down fast.