Smartphone maker OPPO has taken the award for “Most Satisfied Customers – Smartphones” at the Canstar Blue Awards this year beating out Apple, HTC, Samsung and more.

Canstar are a financial comparison site, with their yearly awards given out based on data obtained from research in over 100 categories of consumer products and services. Canstar uses professional market research, and assigns ratings based on Customer Satisfaction to garner results – with Oppo coming out on top in customer satisfaction this year.

The Canstar Blue award for customer satisfaction, bases their results on ‘user friendliness, battery life, camera quality, speed, appearance & style, value for money & overall customer satisfaction’. The top results for the category looks like this:

Michael Tran, Executive Director at OPPO believes the award acts as a testament to how far the brand has come in such a short period of time. Mr Tran said

As a business, OPPO is all about delivering the best quality smartphones at a price Aussies can afford. That philosophy has clearly resonated well with Australian consumers, as we have quickly grown to establish a robust retail and carrier partner network and an incredibly loyal and passionate fan base.

Oppo first launched in Australia in September 2014, growing in popularity and reach to become a mainstay of the Australian mobile landscape. Their phones are available from a number of big name retailers, as well as through carriers including Optus, Vodafone and Telstra.

Simon Downes, Editor at Canstar Blue said

Australians are realising that they no longer need to spend the big bucks to get a really great smartphone. Brands like OPPO are now providing viable alternatives at much cheaper prices.

Lots of consumers are willing to try new things and those who move away from the tried and tested smartphones are usually pleased they did so. OPPO has performed extremely well in our review, up against stiff competition. Given the significant cost of new smartphones, to achieve five stars on value for money is an excellent achievement. OPPO users clearly think they’re onto a winner.

Source: Canstar.
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    Haha, what a joke.

    Geoff Stewart

    I’ve got an Oppo R9S and it is a fantastic phone at a great price. The only problem is that the people at Oppo think they know better than us, it took a lot of googling in order to change the launcher, and I still haven’t managed to change the messenger app. It lets you think you’ve changed it, then next time you open your messenger, it reverts back to their app. There is nothing I can find wrong with their generic apps, just I don’t like being told what is good for me. I know I could probably root… Read more »