If you’re into reality television you’ll surely have come across the inummerable Gold mining shows like Gold Rush, Bering Sea Gold and the like. A new Google Assistant app called Gold Calculator Australia has arrived to help you know if you should rush off to join the Hoffman crew.

Like all the Google Assistant apps you can find this in the Assistant Apps directory by going to ‘Explore’ in the Nav Drawer of your Google Home app. If you don’t want to do that, you can simply load up Google Assistant on your phone or simply ask Google Home ‘Hey Google, talk to Gold Calculator Australia’.

The app itself is pretty neat, you can find out the value of gold in grams, based on the quality – 9 carat, 24 carat etc. Unlike the US Gold shows, you can’t ask about ounces, it only knows grams. You can find out the current price of gold by simply asking ‘Talk to Gold Price Calculator about Gold Price’.

I won’t be joining Parker and his crew or anyone else to mine gold anytime soon but if you’re investing in the gold stuff or mining it, you can ask Google Home all about it.