Google is trying to make booking your holiday a bit cheaper with updates to Flights, as well as search and their Trips app that focus on finding deals, or cheaper accommodation.

On Google Flights, their airline ticketing tool, Google is applying their machine learning models to track prices of flights historically to give you a better idea of when is the best time to book your flights. According to Google, you will see tips like “prices are less than normal” or information about how much a flight is less than usual to help you make a decision.

Google is also rolling out a similar update in mobile search for Hotel reservations. Tips will appear letting you know when a room rate is higher than normal, and why – with tips like it’s the Australia Day weekend or similar.

Google is rolling the update to Flights out globally on both desktop and mobile, while it appears that Hotel Search is limited to mobile – but will be coming to desktop later this year.

Last but not least, Google Trips, their handy tool used for tracking reservations and planning new things to do, how to get around and more is getting access to discounts. From in the Trips app you’ll see deals on tickets and tours for activities and attractions near your destination.

If you haven’t used Trips, I highly recommend it. It sucks in all your reservations from your Inbox and you can keep them all for referral offline – you know, when you land in a foreign city with no data and need your car rental or hotel reservation details.

Source: Google.