Gambling website Sportsbet has gone all in with Google despite not being able to list their Android app on Google Play. The company has listed their Google Assistant app in the directory and you can interact with it now.

The app is compatible with phones, tablets, Chromebooks, iOS devices with Assistant installed and of course Google Assistant powered smart speakers like Google Home. To access the Sportsbet app you can simply say ‘Hey(Ok) Google, Talk to Sportsbet’ and you’re off and racing from there.

The app seems to be focused mainly on horse racing, with the app able to give you loads of information about racing in Australia. There’s a number of commands, or variations of commands you can try including:

  • Ask Sportsbet for a tip in race 3 at Flemington
  • Ask Sportsbet when is the next race
  • Ask Sportsbet which race meets are on today
  • Ask Sportsbet who is the favourite in Race 6 at Randwick

I’m not going to get into whether this is a good idea or not, I’m not a gambler so I’ll basically say Gamble Responsibly, and if you have issues then please contact Lifeline or a gambling support service – they’re easily found via Google or White Pages.

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    Sid J

    It didn’t understand a basic “what can you do for me” or “what can you do”. Needs improvement!