Another financial institution, Ford Co-Operative Credit Society, has begun offering their customers Android Pay support, thanks to the recent launch of EFTPOS compatibility with the service.

Ford Co-operative Credit Society customers can now add their EFTPOS backed rediCARD to the Android Pay app, making them the one of over 50 financial institutions in Australia offering Android Pay support. For Ford Co-operative Credit Society customers not familiar with Android Pay, it’s as easy as adding your card to the Android Pay app, and then tapping and paying at the EFTPOS terminal.

New Android Pay users can still take advantage of the Android Pay promotion that offers gift cards for using Android Pay, which runs until December 22nd. Another promotion lets them collect the Justice League figures by simply making purchases as well.

If you’re a Ford Co-operative Credit Society customer jump over to Google Play and download the app now.

Google Wallet
Google Wallet
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Source: FCCS.
Via: Android Pay.