Google recently dropped the price for the Pixel 2 phones on the Play Store by $50 but that sale ended a few days ago. JB Hi-Fi then offered $100 off the phones to entice sales. Now Google are discounting further.

From now until December 31, 11:59 PST you can get $100 of any Pixel 2 variant and $150 of any Pixel 2 XL phone purchased on the Google Play Store. All models are still in stock at the moment and the pricing now looks like this:

  • Pixel 2 (64GB) – Normally $1,079 – now $979
  • Pixel 2 (128GB) – Normally $1,229 – now $1,129
  • Pixel 2 XL (64GB) – Normally $1,399 – now $1,249
  • Pixel 2 XL (128GB) – Normally $1,549 – now $1,399

The offer of a free Google Home Mini still stands but unfortunately if it was a Christmas present you were after it is extremely unlikely to land here before then.

For me the Pixel 2 XL is the phone of the year and at that price it is starting to get even better and look more and more enticing. Anyone still looking to pick one up?

Thanks: Alberto.
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Jon Yong

Check out eBay, tons of people selling them now so you can get a brand new Pixel 2 new in unopened box for under AUD 800. Mostly from Telstra customer selling off the unwanted phone from their mobile plan. I got mine for $800 delivered with bonus headphones. And I also got a 10% discount code from eBay too, but not sure if everyone else will also get the 10% off.

Dean Rosolen

Not to mention that Google uses Toll for deliveries (who, from my experience, are completely useless at their job).

Daniel Tyson

Couriers differ from driver to driver. My Toll and THAT drivers are fantastic but the DHL guy is awful. Just depends on the driver I guess.


Not even close to a fair price imo , on any other branded phone that would seem like a decent incentive to buy ,
but for whats on offer these pixels are still way to over priced .
When there are so many top devices to choose from on the market , Google is going to have to do way better prices imo .


Not for me. Still $400 at least over priced. Extremely happy with my 1+5

John Bousattout

Ebay has 15% off gift cards.
You’ll potentially get the pixel 2XL 128GB for the price of the LG V30+ from JBHIFI by using the gift cards.