Instagram is Facebook’s social network for foodies, bikini enthusiasts and everything in between. Centered on sharing photos, there’s a good chance you’ve used Instagram or at least heard of it, and it’s kind of hard to miss. If you’re reading Ausdroid, you’ll probably like living on the bleeding edge, and for you there’s good news: Instagram now has an alpha test program for its Android app and you can get on board.

To join in, simply open this Google Groups link, enter your email, and join the group. After that, you’ll have to join the Instagram testing program on the Play Store, which takes just a click of a button.

Like any alpha software, there’s good with bad; you’ll likely get access to new features before other users, but you’ll also likely receive more frequent app updates which are more likely to have bugs and broken code. That’s the nature of alpha testing. Of course, if you get sick of the alpha program for whatever reason, you can remove yourself from it by opening up Instagram’s page on the Play Store and leaving the alpha.