Google has strongly signalled their push into AI and all that it involves with their product and software offerings this year. Huawei have manufactured a chipset with its own AI hardware onboard and Samsung have Bixby. Now it is LG’s turn with the launching of a new brand today that will encompass all products that use artificial intelligence.

The LG ThinQ will begin in 2018 and will be used to identify all of its 2018 home appliances, consumer electrics and services that use artificial intelligence. Without giving too much away LG have stated that the ThinQ products will employ “deep learning and communicate with one another” and they will use AI technologies from not just LG’s own AI technology DeepThinQ but also from other partners — unnamed at this stage.

LG this year had the initiative to include Wi-Fi in all of its premium appliances in readiness for this AI push. They opened their AI lab in Seoul in June of this year in an attempt to bring together all their various AI technologies that “recognise, deduce and learn from voice, video and sensors”.

AI is the next frontier in technology and as a leader in home appliances and consumer electronics, we have a responsibility to make AI more approachable and less intimidating. Han Chang-hee, head of LG’s Global Marketing Center

AI is here in a big way and with this announcement LG hope to be at the forefront of it. With their current offerings supporting Google Assistant instructions and their openness to incorporating “other partners'” AI we expect their future offerings to also offer the same functionality.

Availability, pricing and specifications for Australia have yet to be determined. We will let you know as soon as LG Australia reveal anything.

Would having this AI and Google Assistant incorporated influence your decision when purchasing appliances etc?

Source: LG.