Amazon is looking to save a bit of their 2017 Australian launch with a Boxing Day Sale which sees some pretty good deals across all categories.

The sale begins at 12:00am on Boxing Day, the 26th of December. There’s some good deals intended for the sale on Amazons own hardware and digital content with the Fire Stick being offered in ‘deals’, while the Kindle E-reader hardware may be offered at up to $50 off, while Audible will be offering deals to new users for access to their audio book subscription service.

Amazon will also offer deals on the usual fashion and movie products. Amazon says they will have up to 40% off on Men, Women, Kids Clothing, Shoes and Accessories across brands including Puma, Casio and Tommy Hilfiger. Bargain hungers will be able to take advantage of buy 1 get 1 free deals on select Books, Movies and DVDs.

Additionally, Amazon will have deals on both consumer electronics and small electrical and electronics including kitchen products, Sonos products and Fitbit trackers. Games will be a focus as well with deals on gaming consoles and games from Nintendo, Ubisoft and EA throughout the sale.

Parents will be happy to find nappies and toys included in the sale, with Hasbro, Play-doh and Mattel toys included as well.

Rocco Braeuniger, Country Manager of Amazon Australia said

We hope that with our Boxing Day sale we are offering customers great value across hundreds of products, and a convenient way to shop during the holidays

Delivery for any eligible orders above $49 include free delivery with a one-day delivery service available to select areas. Amazon includes a ‘priority’ one-day delivery service for $9.99 to Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Adelaide and Canberra.

If the savings aren’t enough then customers using a NAB personal Credit Card or registered American Express Card will receive 10% back up to a maximum of $100 this Boxing Day.

The deals are all listed as ‘only while stocks last’, so there is the possibility of disappointment for customers if too little is on offer. Amazon says they will also be doing hundreds of ‘Lightning Deals’ throughout the sale, these will be products available at a discount, in limited quantities, for a short period of time.

Whether this is enough to turn customers to Amazon is a big ask with most customers fairly disappointed to date with Amazon’s Australian launch. The quality of the discounts and speed of delivery will be a big deciding factor for most people with many finding that purchasing an item on the Amazon US site a faster, and often cheaper way to shop. We’ll see what’s up at 12:01am on Boxing Day.

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    Sorry Amazon, I am not quite interested in your own hardware even it’s at a lower price as i am not a big fan of that. Also, for other electronic products I don’t think you can have much competitive with other local retailers.


    Until Amazon Australia resembles anything like the US version, there is nothing to see here.


    Nah sorry. They have failed dismally and playing games like this is pointless.

    Dan Rayner

    How have they failed and how are they playing games.
    They ave just opened the Australia site and distribution center and are now having a sale.


    You didn’t see the failed launch ? The prices at retail or higher ? The universal panning of their launch and offerings ? Instead of offering great prices and fast delivery we have a joke of a site that is going to have a sale on a select few items with limited stock at different times. That is playing games. If they want to succeed they need to show us that they are the best site to use. Right now they have limited products many from external vendors in China, prices need to be competitive and then they will see… Read more »

    Chris Rowland

    I wouldn’t call their Australian launch a failure, because it is still early days. What I would observe, though, is that Amazon Australia hasn’t got anything on Amazon US, and it’s got a long way to catch up to prove its worth.


    And yet they had a huge amount of publicity and interest to see it all blown away by the poor launch. Sure is early days but for a seasoned global organisation they know how to do this so yeah it was a faillure.
    It will improve in time but they failed to capitalise on what was supposed to be a big event.
    Their sale will start to turn things around but if they want to do it right they need to give a reason to go to Amazon over pre-existing web based and physical stores.

    Dan Rayner

    The problem wasn’t that the launch was a failure, the problem was everyone over hyping Amazon coming to Australia and expecting the world. They will probably never give us parity prices with the, no one does and that because we pay the high prices. Sure they’ll likely have cheaper products when they get more retails on board but never pricing comparable to the US.
    The boxing day sales sound like they will have some decent prices worth checking out.
    It’ll take some time before they become a behemoth down here.