These Telstra and JB HiFi deals keep coming up every few weeks. We spotted it last in November, and at the end of October, and now it’s back again just in time for Christmas (though, noting it’s now 5pm on the east coast, JB HiFi is most likely about to shut).

The deal is the same that we’ve seen in the past, that is $49 per month over 12 months (including a $10/month port-in credit) which gives customers 20GB data for use in Australia as well as unlimited calls and text to Australian numbers. Bonus inclusions are 6 months free Apple Music, as well as free access to live sport and free WiFi with Telstra Air, not to mention you get a $200 JB Gift Card as well.

There’s a catch, though, which isn’t mentioned in the advertising material: JB HiFi have figured out that some people were porting out from Telstra to Vodafone or Optus, only to port back in to Telstra so as to access this better, more preferable plan with their existing number. We all know that Telstra doesn’t offer great deals to its existing customers, preferring them to stay on whatever plan they’re already on.

To prevent customers doing the port-out/port-in to take advantage, JB HiFi business rules indicate that the plan will only be available to non-Telstra customers who have been with their carrier for at least 31 days. How this will be policed (or even verified) remains to be seen, but it seems that — for now, at least — this plan really is only for those tempted to join Telstra, rather than Telstra customers looking for better value.

Let us know if you head into JB HiFi after Christmas to take up this deal. It seems to be a popular one, and this time around, there’s no particular end date – the ‘offer’ will remain on sale until Telstra advise otherwise.

Source: Neerav Bhatt.
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Dean Parker

Good to see Telstra not looking after their existing customers as per usual.


Great deal, was looking for a better Telstra plan than what I’m already on, will sign me and the wife up. Oh, wait. Not for existing customers. Go fudge yourself Telstra

Geoff Stewart

Murphy’s law. Whatever deal you sign up to today, there will be a better one tomorrow.


Before anyone goes for this, be aware that atm kogan are offering 40% off their prepaid plans. Won’t link here in case it’s against the rules, but for example, you can get 23G a month plus unlimited calls and text for $315, so almost half of the cost of this telstra offer.

Rus Cook

Yep, bought the 16GB plan for $254 for 12 months. That’s $21 a month. Will be porting from Telstra in 5 days to activate the Kogan SIM