When the OnePlus 5T was announced one of the most impressive features was the face unlock. It was fast, 0.4 seconds fast, and accurate. After the announcement a lot of OnePlus 5 owners were asking “what about us?” but at that stage OnePlus weren’t planning on bringing it to that device. Now it seems that has changed.

In the AMA on their forums after the 5T announcement OnePlus stated that even though the two phones shared the same front camera and hardware (mostly) they did not see any value in bringing face unlock to the OnePlus 5. This was the fingerprint sensor is on the front of the phone and it is more secure to use the fingerprint and still fast.

Users have known that it works on the OnePlus 5 as it was present in the closed Oreo beta 2 build, and it worked well. In all subsequent builds it was not functional with some of the framework for it still being present but not functional.

OnePlus said that they have learnt to listen to their customers after the OP2 failure and have done so this time, changing their minds today with their co-founder Carl Pei issuing the following Tweet:

Merry Christmas indeed. First they roll out Android 8.0 Oreo to their customers/fans for the OP5 and now they are adding this as well. It is good to see companies giving fans and consumers what they want, listening to them and learning in the process.

Keep an eye on your OP5 for a system update in the coming days and weeks to get the full OnePlus face unlock experience.

Source: Carl Pei Twitter.
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Just got open beta 3 on op5 with face unlock and more.