There’s not much to add to the image above, so take a brief moment and have a read. It confirms a lot of what we already know about Huawei’s strategy — two top-tier smartphones each year, and a bundle of others — and also gives us a bit of a sneak preview at what they’ve got in stock for 2018.

The leak comes out of a product briefing in Israel of all places, but sadly, there’s no real surprises amongst this. We know that the P-series will see a refresh come MWC 2018 in February, and there’ll be a sequel to the Mate 10 line come Q3/Q4 next year. Probably the only real news out of this leak (and it is just a leak) is that there might be three P-series phones released, a P20, P20 Lite and P20 Plus. This mirrors what we saw in 2017, with three P-series phones announced, though we only saw two of them in Australia.

It’s only six weeks or so now until we’ll know exactly what’s coming from Huawei at MWC, so stay tuned.

Source: Gadgety (IL).
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loving the mate 10 –

I was a little worried about updates based on previous Huawei phone users experiences – has November updates and just received the December security patch this afternoon and some software updates – gotta be impressed with that.


Glad to hear your enjoying the mate 10 . although both models look like pretty good phones , but the way Huawei mixed up the features on both variants could be a tad annoying for some of us . Myself i may have entertained the the mate 10 but i wanted the extra ram and onboard and storage as well as the rest of the features (yes i`m greedy 🙂 ) , but unless you get a grey import chinese region mate 10 your outa luck . And the pro version has no head phone jack or sd card ,… Read more »


This year I’ve had a s8, LG g6, iPhone 8 and the Huawei Mate 10. The mate is my favourite by far, not sure 6gb of ram is really necessary and internal storage can always be topped up by external storage but hey if that’s what you are chasing go for it.


Some interesting rumours regarding the huawei p series ,
if true huawei may be upping the ante with camera spec in a big way ,
Roll on 2018 .