At this time of year due to the minuscule amount of news around even the sketchiest of rumours get reported. The latest rumour involving OnePlus is regarding the OnePlus 6, it’s availability and specs.

Even more than usual we can and most probably should take these rumours with a massive dose of salt, mostly because there is no corroborating “evidence” and also there is two that seemingly contradict the other.

The first rumour has the OnePlus 6 (OP6) as being launched in the middle of March with a Snapdragon 845 inside and it available to purchase by the end of March. This is hardly a stretch this rumour and I consider this the more substantial of the rumours. It makes sense. All of the other Q1 flagships are launched then and OnePlus was to jump onto that gravy train so it is not surprising that they are planning to launch their next flagship at that time.

The timing also fits with a possible, leaving the door open for at least, for an incremental hardware upgrade to a OP6T later in the year and still having a decent amount of time in between the two launches. Of course their next flagship will have the SD845 as well. They wouldn’t release a third phone with the same processor (SD835).

The other rumours surround the fingerprint sensor. One rumour has the fingerprint sensor being placed beneath the glass in the OP6. With Vivo coming with a flagship with underglass fingerprint sensor it is not surprising to see other manufacturers follow suit.

Remember OnePlus and OPPO have the same parentage and as such share a lot of the same supply chains. OPPO are in the top 3 smartphone manufacturers in the world so for them to get access to underglass fingerprint technology is not a stretch at all. This would be passed down to OnePlus, just as the design of the R11 and R11s was this year to the OP5 and OP5T.

OnePlus have the fastest Face Unlock of any device in the OP5T (and very soon the OP5) but unfortunately it lacks the security that something like Face ID on the iPhone X has. Now there is a rumour circulating that has OnePlus looking to improve on their Face Unlock further with the inclusion of a front-facing 3D camera module that will use infrared to measure depth and thus a more accurate and secure facial ID.

Once again, this rumour could well be true considering the shared parentage and supply chains but it would seem strange that they would include both a Face ID 3D face unlock as well as an underglass fingerprint sensor.

Could they do both? Sure but would they take the risk of two relatively new technologies in a flagship? OnePlus have shown their reluctance in recent times to not include hardware until they are more mature but their success this year may have emboldened them to take some risks. I find this very unlikely as a misfire such as they did with the OP2 could have some serious repercussions on their existence.

These rumours are apparently from sources who have been shown to be accurate in the past but they seem to be
One thing I do hope for though is a release directly into the Australian market. Hopefully they remember how much love Australia showed them in their journeys here in 2017.

What do you think? 3D Face ID, and/or underglass fingerprint sensor releasing in March on the OnePlus 6?

Source: Android Marvel.
Via: Gizmo China.
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wings io

Yes, the article I was looking for. Your article gives me another approach on the subject. I hope to read more articles from you.


Used the OnePlus 5 for a week and returned it because the camera post processing was grose. All smudgy like paint. If they can’t get the cameras and the camera processing software right I will never purchase a one plus which is a shame because everything else is top notch.


But how big? Is the n release the standard size/smaller screen, and the nT the larger screen? I’m keen to go for a 5T, but could wait til March – *if* it is a 6 incher.


Not having the software team could be a bonus, the more they mess with Android, the worse it gets – and they don’t seem to learn. My Oppo R9 worse than previous LG G3 which was no better than previous Galaxy Nexus.


Yeah, so I keep hearing, one reason I am very keen on OP, and much less on the OPPO. They still make good HiFi gear tho!