HTC have achieved something that few other major manufacturers have, and that’s releasing the latest version of Android for their 2017 flagship phone. Jason liked the HTC U11 so much that he’s still using it, and despite being overseas, he received an update notification this morning. Upon connecting to WiFi — installing OTA updates on roaming data is unwise (and not possible) — the update became available:

Once installed, the update is revealed to be Android 8.0 (and not 8.1), though it has a recent-ish security patch level of 1 November 2017. Jason’s noticed that the update keeps things fairly close to Android Oreo’s stock appearance, but with a few HTC hints of flair:

If you’ve got an Australian HTC U11, then it’s probably time to jump into that Settings menu and check for an over-the-air update to take you to Android Oreo.


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So far so good. Noticed improvemnts with the battery. However the camera pictures seemed a little different…..


Had it since yesterday on an optus sim. Maybe my imagination but it seems make the experience quicker and smoother. Well done HTC

Red Dog

Kudos to HTC for keeping this excellent phone up-to-date.

Trevor H Lawrence

Received the update this morning on my Telstra supplied HTC U11 with Telstra sim.


Already had it for several days on our Telstra supplied HTC U11 running an Optus sim card. Friend has also had it for several days on a Telstra/Telstra sim carded U11