It was a heck of a year for HTC, their financial results weren’t stellar except for the injection of $1.1 billion from Google in September. 2018 will be a more introspective year according to a report, with less devices launched.

The report is via supply chain watchers Digitimes, who have said that HTC is going ‘to focus its R&D and marketing efforts on a limited number of smartphones for release in 2018’.

According to the report there will be a mid-tier variant of the HTC U11+ launched in January, as well as a new flagship U12 model with a 4K display and a dual-lens rear camera to be announced in 2018. A ‘leak’ from China last night about upcoming phones with the Snapdragon 845 SoC included, also mentioned the upcoming HTC U12, with a speculated May announce/launch date expected.

HTC is the sentimental favourite for many mobile fans, with the company a driver of many different mobile innovations over the years, including launching the first Android phone in 2008. HTC is planning on launching their Android One running U11 Life in Australia in the near future, so we’ll have to wait and see what else makes it here in the new year.

Source: Digitimes.
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Zeit Geb3r

They are learning from Crapple. Quality, not quantity.