Since it was launched back in 2014, Android Auto has been a pretty great addition for cars. Having to plug your phone in though has been a personal pet peeve of Scott, our resident AA junkie – but that will change at CES when JVC/Kenwood unveil the first wireless Android Auto head units.

JVC/Kenwood has released a teaser for what they’ll unveil at CES, and in the realm of Android Auto we’ll be seeing at least two models, one with ‘wireless connectivity for Android Auto™’ that includes a 720P resolution display, and another attached to a new receiver ‘without disc-reading mechanism’. The new disc-less receiver will feature a 6.8-inch LCD panel but there’s not many more specs available other than that.

As far as how the wireless connection to Android Auto in your head unit in the car goes, it’s likely it will be a Wi-Fi connection with some sort of ‘Cast’ function, but we’ll have to wait for Kenwood and/or Google to explain it in a little more depth.

CES kicks off in Las Vegas on the 7th/8th of January with two ‘Press’ days filled with announcements of new products. We’ll be able to see more about what’s going on behind the scenes then.

Source: JVC.
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Harrison Pace

Fantastic News, I was reading this post from Google IO last year:

I was thinking to myself just today, that it was yet another ambition by Google which had been left behind.

Great news to hear it is in fact going to come out, however just like the JBL Legend which was released at CES and promptly discontinued. I’ll wait until the product is firmly in my hands before passing judgement. Good news regardless.

SK Yuvraj

Good News. It will be fun. Let’s see the complete features and Pros-Cons.
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I’m hoping they will also make a wireless receiver to Retro fit old cars to support Android auto wirelessly was some talk about doing this at some stage