Tuesday , June 5 2018

Google has updated its list of Assistant smart home partners with a dozen additions

Google Assistant launched with only a few integrations and in the time since, that list has ballooned significantly. While new options have been added rather regularly, the list of officially supported partners hasn’t been kept up to date. Android Police spotted an updated list, and we’ve reproduced that below with several dozen more services now listed.

Here they are:

Not all of these are brand-spanking new; some have been around for a couple of months but never publicly identified by Google as official partners. Some of these services we’ve never heard of, and probably aren’t available in Australia anyway, but if you do have some of these services, you can probably now link them to your Assistant using your phone, so you can access/control them via your Assistant enabled devices.

Source: Google.
Via: Android Police.

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  1. still waiting for xiaomi products to work with google home like robot vacuum and wifi plugs

    • Xiaomi Mi Home products are designed for the Chinese market mostly, where Google is banned. Even if you walk into their overseas branded Xiaomi stores in Asia, you will not find any Mi Home products for sale but I did see a couple on display only during 2017.
      Xiaomi also has their own voice-controlled home assistant in Chinese only. They already have under crowdfunding a second home assistant device but they have decided to do some work with Microsoft on this…so possibly Cortana is coming.
      Finally you can use one of their Gateway products to control all those devices you listed via an App on your phone. However you have to set the App to China servers to access those devices, if you set the server to US, etc. you only get a very limited selection. And once set to China everything is mostly written in Chinese, even though you set primary language to English.

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