It’s been a big year for Google and their Assistant, launching both the Home Mini and Max, as well as furthering sales on the original Google Home. Google has finally opened up about how many Google Home (Mini/Regular/Max) units they’ve actually sold, as well talking about their plans to show off Assistant at CES next week.

According to their blog post overnight, Google has sold a Google Home device every second since they started shipping in October. While the Home Mini started shipping on October 24th here in Australia, they technically started shipping on October 19th in the US. That’s 79 days ago. At 86400 seconds per day, times 79, that’s more than 6.82 million Google Home devices they’ve sold since October…impressive.

As far as usage goes, with all these new Google Home devices in the wild, and a bunch of new features including Broadcast, Google says that they’ve seen a 9x increase in usage over the ‘holiday season’ over last year.

So, what’s the go for the future? Well, if you’re in Las Vegas next week you’ll be able to check out the Google Assistant and Google Home at the Google Assistant Playground (Central Plaza-21). What will actually be in the playground is up for debate, though Google says you’ll be able to ‘check out some of our new integrations, devices, and the newest ways you can use your Assistant’, it will likely be similar to the pop-up Google Home Mini donut shops we saw prior to the launch.

We’ll be getting some coverage of the Google pop up at CES remotely so stay tuned to see what’s there.

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