Many manufacturers have been teasing us about using an in-display fingerprint sensor but no one has brought it for mass consumption. It has led to the development of Face ID and OnePlus’ facial recognition technology (less secure) and Huawei and Samsung are both working on their own implementation of FaceID and are expected to introduce it this year.

Not all companies have given up on in-display fingerprint technologies — obviously Qualcomm and Synaptics are still working on it but the ability to have the new technology not affect the display experience has been not possible, or so we have been told.

Last night Evan Blass Tweeted out a picture showing an upcoming Doogee phone that will have an in-display fingerprint display, the Doogee V. Not only with there be an in-display fingerprint sensor but also a 6.2 inch display and a copy of one of the worst design choices ever made, the notch. Not only have the copied the notch they have made it bigger and uglier.

The Doogee V will have curved front and backs and looks like a Galaxy S9 and an iPhone X got together had progeny — and not in a good way.

The most important thing about the phone is not the ugly notch but the in-display fingerprint sensor. Samsung couldn’t get it operational for their Note 8 and apparently their Galaxy S9. Apple gave up on it for the iPhone X. So what makes anyone think that Doogee will get it right? There have been issues in testing with the speed of an in-display fingerprint sensor and that it was affecting the display uniformity.

Synaptics have said that their’s is ready for mass production though and are bringing it to a “top 5” smartphone manufacturer this year — this is expected to be Vivo, with them having shown off it in operation on engineering samples in recent times. If Vivo are getting it, why not someone else? Why not Doogee? Doogee may not be a household name here but a company that has but a very small percentage of the Chinese market is a very successful company — HTC should be so lucky.

Personally I don’t think I will be buying a Doogee V to test out this new technology but it does make me excited for where this technology is heading in the future. First the Chinese vendors release it, making it seen, used and beta-tested by millions of users and once it becomes more mature the larger vendors will follow.

Maybe the Galaxy Note 9 really will have an in-display fingerprint sensor.

Source: Evan Blass.
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Greg McPherson

I just want a phone called Doogee.
I know they’re awful.


That’s a bad doogee


I think rear as usual and front (under screen) in conjunction. Means the ability to unlock out of pocket and sitting on the desk would be optimal


I honestly can’t understand why this is still a problem we’re still trying to solve – recent designs have proven (to me at least) that the fingerprint sensor is optimally placed on the rear of the phone.