CES is all about consumer electronics, and if you’ve ever walked the halls of the Las Vegas convention centre you’ll note that TVs play a major part. Nvidia has today announced they’re getting onboard with TV sized gaming monitors with their Big Format Gaming Display (BFGD).

The displays will start arriving later this year from manufacturers such as ACER, ASUS and HP. They’re 65″ in size with a 4K resolution @ 120Hz refresh rate, with ultra-low latency, DCI-P3 cinema-quality colour gamuts and support HDR @ 1,000 NITS. The other key spec is that it includes an Nvidia Shield inside meaning you get Android TV on your gaming monitor.

Running Android TV means you get access to all those apps from Amazon, Netflix and YouTube, as well as the perennial favourites Plex and Kodi. You can also play all the Android TV games you’d want.

At this stage, there’s no mention of whether we’ll see these monitors out here in Australia, Acer, Asus and HP certainly sell monitors here, but Nvidia hasn’t sold an Nvidia Shield product here to date – but maybe that’s about to change. The other factor is cost, at 65″ in size you’re going to be looking at the equivalent of a 4K resolution TV.

Source: Nvidia.
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    With Samsung putting their assistant in their TVs it is the end of the line for me. They don’t update their OS as they promised thus there is no loyalty to the customer so no loyalty from me.