As if the Bixby button on your phone wasn’t enough, now you can get Bixby on your fridge – that is if you buy one of the new Samsung Family Hub Refrigerators announced at CES.

As with previous generations, the Family Hub Refrigerator has a built-in screen allowing you to take notes, and interact with your fridge. The inclusion of Bixby adds a voice component to the interaction, which can now also tie-in with Samsung’s SmartThings IoT ecosystem.

The integration of Bixby includes support for individual voices, which allows Family Hub to provide personalised information based on preferences. Family Hub and Bixby can share calendars, photos and notes for users, or you can just leave notes on the big display.

Samsung’s Family Hub fridges also include a ‘View Inside’ option to check out what’s inside your fridge. Also included as a new feature this year is a new Meal Planner app, which takes into account ‘food preferences, dietary restrictions and food expiration dates’ to offer up recipe suggestions.

Pricing hasn’t been announced, but Samsung says the new fridge will be available in the ‘Spring’, so likely Autumn here in Australia. We’ll likely hear more from Samsung Australia closer to launch.

Source: Samsung.
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    Greg McPherson

    The basic problem with putting things like this in a fridge is that you keep a fridge for a decade or more. It’s a long term investment.

    How long with 2018 Bixby be relevant?
    Of course that’s great for Samsung. It speeds up your fridge going obsolete.