CES is an international show, so it’s no surprise to see that an Australian company is making a showing with Perth based Nuhera announcing the Live IQ and IQbuds Boost earbuds.

Like the IQBuds which the company launched last year, the new earbuds are ‘Smart Hearables’. What are smart hearables? Well, rather than just a pair of earbuds which play back music Nuhera earbuds will actually help you by amplifying conversations near you, while reducing ambient noise.

First up is what Nuhera are positioning as the entry level device in their range, the Live IQ buds. These are a smaller, slimmer version of the IQBuds, with Active Noise Cancelling built-in. The buds include 4 hours talk time and up to 12 hours on-the-go listening.

The more exciting announcement is for the IQBuds Boost. The IQBuds Boost are a pair of IQBuds with a new feature that Nuhera call Ear ID which creates a personal hearing profile for each user, allowing for a more personalised auditory experience.

With premium features, the Nuhera range isn’t exactly cheap with the LiveIQ the cheapest in the Nuhera range, which will be available to pre-order soon, while the IQbuds Boost will be priced at $US500 when they arrive in April. Local pricing has not yet been announced, so we’ll have to wait and see.

Source: Nuhera.