Last year Bose released headphones with Google Assistant integration which were followed by the less-than impressive Pixel Buds. Now JBL are joining the smart assistant crazy incorporating Google Assistant into a new series of headphones.

At CES 2018 today JBL, a Harman company ultimately owned by Samsung, launched their new JBL Everest 710GA, 310GA and 110GA headphones. The three sets of headphones are updates on their current line with them and their functionality optimised for Google Assistant integration.

The JBL Everest 710GA are over ear headphones, the Everest 310GA on-ear and the Everest 110GA in-ear wireless reminiscent of the Pixel Buds. All are based on current non-Google Assistant headphones but combine JBL Pro Audio Sound with Google’s digital assistant.

Using Google Assistant users can use voice commands to control their music, listen to notifications, access their agenda and control anything that is connected to their Google Assistant account. Each headphone has a dedicated sensor located on the ear cup to activate Google Assistant.

The new headphones offer from 8 to 25 hours of playback, depending on the model — we assume that the 8 hours relates to the in-ear headphones and the 25 to the larger over-ear headphones. The on-ear headphones most likely fall within that range somewhere. All headphones have quick charge to allow quick top ups should you run out of battery at any time.

Depending on the model, the wireless series are available in a variety of colours including Gunmetal and Mountain Silver. All three models will be available at JBL and select retailers in Autumn (Australia time) although we are yet to confirm Australian availability and pricing.

CES 2018 has just started and already Google Assistant is everywhere. Stay tuned for more!

Source: Harman.