We first heard of LG’s ThinQ branding coming to its consumer appliances in the lead-up to CES, and today the company has given more information about “DeepThinQ” – the name given to its new deep learning technology – and what it means to their products going forward.

With DeepThinQ, LG’s built a foundation for implementing AI across many products. DeepThinQ is a deep learning platform that integrates voice, video and sensor recognition, giving the company the ability to deliver AI-based services under the ThinQ brand across Android, Linux and webOS – covering all the major operating systems in its product portfolio.

We’re going to see the ThinQ branding emerge across LG’s product range. The company’s “live and learn” slogan tells you what you need to know – the products will learn over time and be able to provide better services for users.

DeepThinQ is already showing benefits for the company’s products, with robot vacuums learning your house layout and being able to tell the difference between a chair or a dog. LG has some lofty ambitions for the future, proposing air conditioners that can learn your behaviour and cool the room when you’re likely to be home, an in-car monitoring system that can detect when you’re getting drowsy and allow it to recognise you and cue your favourite music.

DeepThinQ is something the company has been building over the last year, after establishing their AI lab in Korea. As Google showed in 2017, machine learning is turning into big business — perhaps even the next battleground. With several companies staking a claim in the AI space it will be interesting to see what new features LG’s AI platform might bring to their flagship Android smartphones in a few months’ time.

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