At CES, location tracking company Tile has announced a new range of partnerships that will eventually help you to locate a range of gadgets natively without the need to attach one of their Tile trackers.

The new partnerships announced are with Bose, Samsonite and Propeller Health to include Tile technology in their gadgets. Additional new partnerships with Herschel Supply, Boosted Boards, Bianca and Starling by VersaMe have also been announced.

Tile is also expanding their access point partnerships as well. Tile works on a distributed network allowing all Tile users to help track other Tile enabled devices once they come into Bluetooth range. Under the new announcement the Tile Community will now include access points in the San Jose International Airport, as well as with Comcast and Ruckus wireless, to quickly find devices – though these new partnerships won’t do much for Australian users.

In terms of new devices supporting Tile tracking, Bose SoundSport Wireless and QuietControl 30 headphones will begin arriving later this year with embedded Tile technology, allowing you to find your ear/headphones with a tap on the Tile app. Samsonite will offer ‘next-generation luggage’ including Tile support that will begin with pilot program this year. Finally, Propeller Health will offer a Tile enabled inhaler for their users.

Mike Farley, CEO and Co-Founder of Tile said of the new partnerships

With the Tile Platform, we’re extending the finding power of Tile and its global community to leading brands spanning audio, travel, transportation and even digital health management. Whether it’s a pair of wireless headphones, a suitcase filled with precious memories, or a life-saving connected inhaler, we want to make sure consumers can find their items no matter where they are, whether under the couch or halfway around the world.

It will be some time yet before we see the fruits of this announcement, but an easier way to find those pesky devices around your home is a great idea.

Source: Tile.