At CES this year, phone maker Alcatel is already looking ahead to the next major electronics trade show Mobile World Congress, effectively showing off three new series of phones they’ll announce at the show.

The preview of the Alcatel 1, 3 and 5 series phones shows off a new direction for the company in terms of design with all three phone series utilising the 18:9 aspect ratio displays that have been embraced across the industry in 2017.

The displays will be supplied by Alcatel parent company TCL, a top tier manufacturer in the LCD panel business. The use of standardised displays across the majority of their lineup will allow Alcatel to cut costs and let them focus on other aspects of phone design.

The three phones were shown off, but no information on internals was released. From the images supplied though we can see the new screens, as well as the camera and fingerprint scanners.

All three models will include a rear mounted fingerprint sensor, but have vastly different camera configurations. The Alcatel 1 Series will have a simple single camera sensor each on the front and rear. The Alcatel 3 Series will have a dual-camera sensor on the rear but a single front-facing camera. Finally the Alcatel 5 Series will have a single rear camera sensor but have dual front-facing cameras, Alcatel also says it will have a large battery for a full day’s use.

We’ll know a lot more about these new Alcatel phones when they’re officially unveiled at Mobile World Congress. You can bet that Ausdroid will be there to get all the info when they do.

Source: Alcatel.