At CES, Sony has unveiled a number of new devices already but the latest is a new car stereo complete with Android Auto.

The Sony XAV-AX5000 head unit will feature support for both Android Auto and Apple’s Carplay alternative. The head unit will include a capacitive 6.95″ bezel-less flat panel touch screen, a massive improvement on the resistive touchscreens which were the norm when Android Auto first launched.

As opposed to the recently announced Pioneer head units, and expected JVCKenwood head units, the Sony XAV-AX5000 head unit appears to be a wired version of Android Auto, with two USB ports included. These USB ports can be used to play FLAC audio files from a USB drive as well as plug in phones.

The head unit has plenty of power with 4-channel 55W (20W RMS) output that includes ‘DRA2 with EXTRA BASS Circuitry’ which should allow you to make it louder than the ambient noise of the car and engine. It also includes DSO (Dynamic Stage Organizer), a sort of virtual speaker system that makes it seem like you have surround sound.

For the moment Sony hasn’t announced international availability or any pricing at all for the XAV-AX5000, but we should see any announcements from Sony Australia if it does make its way to our shores.

Source: Sony.
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No Wireless Android Auto i take it? Too bad, because that is the biggest feature of Car receivers i Think…


Sony has announced US pricing of USD $430 on their website:

The previous model XAV-AX100 is selling for USD $400 so this is a pretty decent price for the AX5000.


Why don’t they incorporate noise cancelling into these things to reduce engine and road noise levels.