Google’s Android Pay tie-in with the launch of the Justice League movie last year was met with quite a positive reception – except from those still waiting for their bank to adopt Android Pay – and if you successfully collected all 6 members of the Justice League in the Android Pay app, Google is sending out special edition Android minis to a selected few.

As far as we can see the sets are only being sent out in the US and UK, though it’s possible they’re elsewhere. The set is not going to be made available for general sale says DeadZebra owner and artist Andrew Bell who said:

Unfortunately these were made just for the promotion and there will not be any for general public sale. Sorry, I tried to talk them into it but they wouldn’t let me, lots of complicated licensing issues when selling is involved.

Each set contains six figures, Superman, Batman, Wonderwoman, Aquaman, Flash and Cyborg and they look fantastic:

The sets are selling for quite a bit on eBay if you want to get your hands on one, but at the prices I’ve seen I wouldn’t be rushing into getting one.

Source: +Mark Aidan.
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    i really got sick of this promotion in the end i disable it every time i purchased something i would have a alert, after the weekend shop they just pile up and have no real purpose

    “except from those still waiting for their bank to adopt Android Pay” – St George I hope your paying attention!

    If they are giving them by use, I’m feeling good about my chances! 😉

    Hah, same! There were multiple days where I got all six. Fingers crossed.

    Me three 😀