Googles messaging apps are pretty much accepted as a mess at this stage, few have taken up the option to install and use either Allo or Duo, but the video messaging service Duo is getting better in the latest update allowing you to call people in your contacts list even if they don’t have Duo installed.

According to Android Police, the option to call users is included in the latest update, with an ‘Instant App’ like experience called App Preview Messaging that’s part of Google Play services letting fellow Android users answer calls through Duo.

The experience allows users to experience all there is to love about Duo including both video and audio-only calls, as well as the Knock Knock preview feature that lets you view what’s going on on the other end of the incoming call. Users receiving the call can answer it, change cameras, mute the microphone and more. There’s even a persistent notification that allows you to switch to another app and back again.

After the call is ended, the option to install Duo is presented as well as an option to block the caller for future calls.

Duo isn’t the most widely used of apps, but a number of us here at Ausdroid do use it (unlike Allo). It’s a very smooth experience if you’re into video calling (or audio calls too), so if you’re wanting to test this out with someone who’s not usually on board with this, you now can.

Google Duo
Google Duo
Developer: Unknown
Price: Free
Via: Android Police.