The holiday break has not slowed down Chris Lacy with a new update to Action Launcher now rolling out with a couple of new updates, including a neat new app opening animation called Adaptive Zoom.

Based on the adaptive icons in the Adaptive Pack introduced by Chris a few versions ago. The Adaptive Zoom is currently a beta, but introduces a new animation when you open an app. It’s a fleeting animation but looks great with the app expanding to fill the screen with the full app. It animates based on the location of the icon, so if it’s on the left hand side of your screen it animates from the left towards centre, and vice-versa.

That’s not the only new thing in the update, with Chris advising that ‘with Google’s blessing’ he’s re-enabled Action Launchers use of the Android Accessibility API which improved ‘reliability of opening the notification shade and recents list’. Other things on the list:

  • Android 8.1 style “bounce” animation in All Apps drawer.
  • Polish appearance and animations of home screen indicator.
  • Drag to delete the contents of an entire Home screen.
  • Allow use of empty home screens.

Finally, for massive fans of Chris’ work, the supporter program is back for 2018 with a new badge and three new wallpapers exclusive for you to use. Supporters can choose to pay either $6USD or $12USD (it works out to $0.50 or $1 per month over a year) and it supports Chris’ future development of the application.

Some people don’t like the idea of a supporter program, but I’d actually like to support more developers in this way personally, but either way it’s not mandatory.

You can download Action Launcher, or the Adaptive Icon pack from Google Play now.

Action Launcher: Pixel Edition
Action Launcher: Pixel Edition

AdaptivePack - Adaptive Icons
AdaptivePack - Adaptive Icons

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    Can we support Chris through Google Play or does it have to be via Paypal?