It turns out that Google and accessory maker Incipio like the idea of wall mounting the Google Home Mini as well, with the official Google Home Mini wall mount now available to purchase from the Google store in the US.

The $14.99USD accessory is now available in the US on the Google Store and includes all you need, including 3M tape strips, screws and dry wall anchors, to mount the bracket to almost any wall in your house. According to the entry on the Google Store, the bracket is made of ‘Polycarbonate, TPU and Metal’ and is only available in White.

While the Incipio branded bracket is not listed on the Australian Google Store, Incipio does have a presence here in Australia selling their cases in places like JB Hifi. We’ll be trying to track down whether they intend to sell the Home Mini wall bracket in Australia.

Source: Google Store.
Via: 9to5Google.
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    Tarjei Kirkesaether

    I ordered a couple of these ( and they are strong enough to hold the mini , even after taking it off and putting it back a couple of times. Once they get less sticky I just wash them under the tap and let them airdry and they are back to original condition. best part is that they’re only US$1.92 each!

    Tia Porter

    This should have been an in the box item. The one I 3D printed is almost identical to this, and only took 20 minutes.

    Of course, once it reaches Australia, it’ll be twice the price and hard to get.


    There are templates available for 3d printing as well.

    Daniel Orchard (danielsoar)

    what a great idea, why they didnt include one in the box is beyond me.