Tuesday , June 5 2018

LG CEO orders G7 design to be re-vamped from scratch delaying launch until April

It’s been a tumultuous year for LG in the mobile space. After announcing that the company has begun scaling back from a yearly launch cycle for their mobile devices, the LG CEO has reportedly ordered that the upcoming G7 handset be re-designed from scratch.

The report comes from the Korea Herald, who says that Jo Seong-jin, vice chairman and CEO of LG Electronics, ordered the current G7 design be scrapped after CES last week. Seong-Jin reportedly told designers of the handset to ‘review the new product from scratch’.

The review of the phone will delay the announcement of the phone, which was expected to occur at Mobile World Congress next month, until at least April, with a decision on the launch date to be made during the Lunar New Year holiday next month.

The decision to review the design of the phone in January, with an expectation of launching in April brings into question how much the design can be changed at this late stage. Setting up the manufacturing process in terms of re-tooling the assembly line etc. can take time, but as LG owns the line it’s possible they can do it.

LG hasn’t had the best of luck with phone launches in the past few years, with their mobile division currently delivering a loss on the last 11 quarterly financial statements. Whether a delay to re-design and re-think the phone is a good idea, we’ll possibly never know, but the proof will be in the G7 pudding when it’s finally announced.

Source: Korea Herald.

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  1. Anyone over at LG ever thought of releasing a high end vanilla android phone?
    That and stop cutting corners in manufacturing.

  2. I’d guess that he wouldn’t have done this unless he knew there was something that had been worked on that could be delivered quickly. It takes longer that 3 months to deliver a phone ‘from scratch’.

    Reading between some lines, it looks like the reaction of LG mobile management to successive failed phones with innovative ideas was to go safe and create ‘me too’ products in the hope of getting some traction. However the G6 and V30 have shown that doesn’t really seem to work. I’d guess the G7 was shaping up to be another small evolution phone, and LG board had had enough.

    There’s plenty of scope to do new things, but many of them will be smarter software-wise – and LG are NOT good on software/firmware. Similarly with internal things like more memory – it’s not going to get people in shops to buy. Therefore we can assume it’s obvious and visible – either in the case layout/design, or in the launcher (which has a lot of scope for improvement).

    • I think in years past LG`s efforts on the G6 and V30 would have killed everything , but there where so many other good phones on the market in 2017 LG was up against it .
      and the poled screen probably took the edge off it even further .

  3. Bit of a shame the G6 did not do better , it looked to be not a bad little phone , but LG imo put itself behind the 8 ball not waiting for the 835 chips to become available ,
    I looked at it myself , running last years cpu did not appeal to me .

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