Each year we all love to guess what delicious dessert Google will call the next version of Android. In recent years Google has done their best to get everyone off the scent trolling the public with various names. A new commit into the AOSP is most likely Google’s latest attempt at teasing us with Android 9.0’s name.

In commits submitted to the AOSP overnight Google has made mention of software (HALs) that will begin being allowed only “starting in Pi” referring to the next version of Android. The next version of Android will begin with the letter P and it is far too early for the name to be released so it is most likely Google playing games with us, as they have proven time and time again that they like to do.

Of course the current version of Android is Oreo and given Google’s naming scheme for Android it is no surprise that they have called it Pi in this commit. I’m not sure how many desserts begin with the letter P and given that it is not the first time Google have suggested pie in a name (key lime pie) I doubt very much that it will be the final name.

Some enterprising folks on Reddit have suggested that Pi, 3.14 (OK Google, recite Pi), could well be the date that Google release the first developer preview for Android 9.0. Android 8.0 DP1 was released on the 21st of March so this may well be true.– it does seem a long way out to plan to release a software version that is most likely still full of bugs.

In a couple of months time we will see if that is when Google do in fact release the first Android P developer preview. At that time they still won’t tell anyone the name of Android 9.0 so let’s start the guessing game now — how many desserts beginning with the letter P can you name?

Source: Android AOSP.
Via: Mishaal Rahman.
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    I reckon Peanut Brittle

    Peter Verwey

    Forget about the next version’s name for a moment. I would rather see this referring to an AOSP release for the Raspberry Pi platform – known as Android Pi to start anyway 🙂