Google’s new range of hardware unveiled last October has a distinctive look, and a lot of that is thanks to their VP of Hardware Design Ivy Ross. As part of their She Word series, Google has shared an interview with Ms Ross, and shown off some early looks at a lot of that hardware.

The blog talks about the motivations for Ms Ross on becoming a designer, and also about what she does for Google, which in her words is ‘creates how a Google product—including Google Home, the Pixel laptop and wearables—looks, feels and acts when you hold it in your hands’ – an interesting inclusion in that sentence is wearables…is that an indication of something to come?

Among the pictures are a look at the early designs for the Pixel 2 and the cases, the Pixelbook, Google Home Mini and even some early designs for the new Google Daydream gen 2 headset.

It’s an interesting look behind the curtain at what could have been, like the teal coloured swatch in the pic of the Google Home Mini, now that would be a hot looking colour.

You can read more of Ms Ross’ interview over on the Google Keyword blog.

Source: Google Keyword.