Samsung are set to make a big splash at MWC this year when they are rumoured to be announcing their new flagships, the Galaxy S9 and the S9+. We have seen various details of it leak and today we have seen some decent close up images of it.

Via Chinese social media site, Weibo, images of the upcoming Galaxy S9+ have appeared, showing much of the device, and it looks to be a beauty. The images show the dual camera with the fingerprint sensor still very close to it, but at least is below it this time which should lead to a more consistent unlock method.

The phone can be seen in two colours — let’s call them HTC Blue and Gold. We can see the camera interface as well as the home screen, showing a typical Samsung interface. Not surprisingly there also appears to be the now ever-present Bixby button — unfortunately it seems that is going nowhere.

The phone itself in my opinion is a good looking phone and if this truly is the final product and not a pre-production prototype, Samsung could well have yet another hit on their hands.

We will be on the ground in Barcelona to check it out when it is announced and will give you all the Australian details as soon as they are available.

Source: Weibo.
Via: Android Headlines.
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Defs Fake, The “9+” screen protector sticker is that of the iPhone X with the notch cut out (In the pic with the Gold colour phone. Why would Samsung put a notch in the sticker if the phone doesn’t have one?
I also agree bezels are too large + small FF camera sensor.


If the photo is right then Samsung is going backwards. The bezels are bigger than most of last year’s premium phones.


Looks fully fake.

Martin Olminkhof

Bezels look bigger than on the S8+


Something about those photos cry out “clone” to me but I’ll guess we’ll find out soon enough. The top and bottom bezels look too big to me.

Chris Rowland

Comparing to other Samsungs those bezels look about right… I’m not at the point of labelling this as a clone, but if it is the finished product, it’s kind of … ugly. I don’t buy that black rectangle around the rear cameras at all… it looks sloppy. Could be this is a not for retail version (or a sample). Who knows. Doesn’t look finished.


Chris you can see that the top camera on the rear is tiny and the bottom one is fake. Typical of clones