Friday , February 16 2018

JBL Google Assistant speakers now discounted at Harvey Norman, now starting at $197

One of the criticisms of the Google Home and Google Home Mini has been their audio quality, especially if you’re an audiophile. However, many of the “higher fidelity” speakers are a little more expensive than their Google counterparts. Well, good news – JBL’s range of Assistant speakers are discounted at Harvey Norman at the moment.

If you’re still looking to dip your toe into the Assistant-powered speaker market then perhaps a small discount is what you’ve been waiting for? Harvey Norman has the $229 JBL Link 10 reduced to $197 and the $299 JBL Link 20 reduced to $228.

Unlike most Assistant speakers, the Link 10 and 20 are both portable speakers with 5 and 10 hours battery playback respectively. Both speakers are fully-featured Assistant Speakers with multi-room playback, Chromecast built-in and Bluetooth.

If you’ve been looking for an Assistant speaker and weren’t sold on the Google Home devices perhaps the JBL Link 10 or 20 may fit your bill. One thing to remember that while they may feature Assistant, Chromecast and music streaming will all need an internet connection to work.

You can find the Link 10 and Link 20 on sale right now at Harvey Norman.

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3 Comments on "JBL Google Assistant speakers now discounted at Harvey Norman, now starting at $197"

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Jaimie hunt
Valued Guest
Jaimie hunt

Do you have a review of the link 20? I’m looking into it, but is it worth loosing the 10 hours battery compared to the ue megaboom or jbl charge for the Google assistant?

Daniel Tyson
Ausdroid Editor

We’re waiting on a Link 10 review unit, unfortunately they don’t have a Link 20 for review.

Jaimie hunt
Valued Guest
Jaimie hunt

That’s a shame you couldn’t get the 20. I’m more interested in that, but I’ll be interested on the link 10 review aswell.

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