The squeaking of ‘Ok Google, play Lava from Netflix on Chromecast Ultra’ as my 6-year old loads up his TV shows in the morning is a stab in my heart as it further corrupts my Netflix suggestions. That’s about to change with Google Assistant now able to support voice match for different Netflix profiles.

In their newly updated support documentation, Google now says:

For Netflix, if you have a personal profile on a Netflix account, you can link your personal profile and set up Voice Match to play content where you left off.

To do this you’ll need to setup voice profiles in the Home app for anyone who uses Google Assistant and has their own Netflix Profile.

Luckily it’s easy to do, simply launch the Google Home app, and in the menu go to More Settings > Videos and Photos. From there the theory is there is a ‘Manage Profile’ option, but in practice simply unlinking and re-linking your account should allow you to match your profile.

You will have to have all users in your house do this account linking to match their Voice Print to their Netflix account in the Home app.

Source: Google Support.
Via: Android Police.
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    Still shit out of luck trying to get the assistant to play it on your Android TV app.