A few weeks ago Google revealed that they were bringing the full Google Assistant to Android Auto. A Kenwood employee told us not long after that it would be available to Australians in March but it seems it is now available here in Australia.

The Google Assistant experience in the car with Android Auto has been very minimalist compared with that on phones and Google Home devices but Google are looking to unify all their Assistants and make the functionality and experience the same across the entire ecosystem. Although it is live in the US it has not been available here until now.

Those in Australia using the beta version of the Google Play Services app are now seeing the fully functional Google Assistant in their cars. We tested it out and managed to get it to do everything we could throw at it, things it could not do before.

Hey Google set a reminder to ….

Hey Google play the sports news

All answers are localised to Australia with Fox Sports news playing for that second question.

If you use Android Auto and want to get this full Google Assistant functionality in your car now you can easily sign up to the Google Play Services beta. It is about time Google started unifying all their Assistants so don’t wait until March, go and get the beta and try it now.

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Philip Clark

Does this also apply to the Android Auto app running on a phone?

Joe Gould

Anyone else in Australia who’s updated Google Play Services (beta) still not seeing any changes to Android Auto?

Luke Roberts


Honestly… even before this update, Andoird Auto capability was so far ahead of Carplay it was embarrassing… with this??? Wow… I am not sure I could ever go back to a car without android auto headunit!

Joe Gould

I’ve updated Play Services Beta and still no update for Android Auto/better Assistant functionality