Apparently the world needs more GIF stickers — at least that is what Instagram thinks and it is hard to blame them as everyone else has done it. Today they have added the ability to use GIF stickers with stories.

Using a library of animated GIFs supported by GIPHY users can now add GIF stickers to their stories. Instagram hope that this will inspire even more creativity for users with the ability to add as many GIF stickers as they want.

Instagram have published tips for finding the best GIF stickers including:

  • Searching “Accessories” will show anything that can be layered over faces. eg. sunglasses, hat, eyes etc.
  • Searching “Effects” will show all stickers that canbe used to add an ambience to a scene. eg. sparkles, fire, confetti, glitter.
  • Searching “Peekers” shows stickers that will popup and disappear.
  • Searching “Word Art” will show text-based stickers such as LOL, OMG,
    Happy Birthday etc.
  • Searching “Emoji” will show some specialised emoji sets.

Along with GIF stickers Instagram is rolling out the ability for users to upload and use photos of any size to their stories making it easier and faster to build your stories.

The addition of GIF stickers to stories seems much ado about nothing to me but has been well received by the millennials I know. I am only a part time, sporadic Instagram user so it seems that this new addition will be well received by a large number of their users.

What do you think? Are you GIF stickered out or is this a great addition?