Well, that didn’t take long. Last night Google Developers Tweeted out the first clue in the treasure hunt to find the information for Google I/O 2018, and not long later it was solved.

Google I/O will be held at the Shoreline Amphitheatre for the third year in a row and will take place from Tuesday May 8 to Thursday May 10. In a Tweet by Sundar Pichai it was suggested that next time they will have to may the puzzle a bit harder:

This coincided with a Tweet from Google Developers giving the same dates but also ticketing information — sort of. Beginning at 10am on February 22 (US PST) and finishing at 5pm PST February 27, applications will be able to be made for that golden ticket to attend. The application should include what Google products they are interested in.

Successful applicants will be informed after this date.

Those who are interested in attending a great technical conference full of fellow geeks you should head over to the Google I/O website on February 22 (US PST) and lodge your application.

Last year Dan and I were lucky to attend and had a great time getting the low down on all the new Google products and software. This year hopefully at least one of us will still be attending again as we had a great time last year thanks to our wonderful Google hosts (it’s never too early to start begging).